Vision IAS World Geography Notes 2022 Download | [भूगोल PDF]


Vision IAS Geography Notes PDF Download Free Vision IAS Indian Geography and World Geography Notes PDF in Hindi and English. Geography Notes with 6000+ Question Answer PDF is most important for all competitive exams like SSC, UPSC, BANK, Railway, Police, etc. We know that the UPSC exam is difficult to crack in India but not Impossible. Vision IAS Geography Notes may help to prepare your UPSC Exams and other Sarkari Exams. Don’t make Materials and PDFs commercial. They should be used for Education purposes only.

Vision IAS World Geography Notes 2022 Download | [भूगोल PDF]

Vision IAS World Geography Notes 

Indian Geography by Vision IAS PART-1

  • Universe and Solar System
  • Interior of Earth
  • Continental Drift, Seafloor Spreading, Endogenic and Exogenic
  • Forces, Plate Tectonic, Supercontinent etc.
  • Earth Quake, Tsunami, Volcanic Activity, Landforms
  • Mountain Building, Island Formation, Hotspot
  • Rocks and Minerals
  • Landform and Evolution
  • India Physical Formation, Physiography, Drainage Structure,
  • Relief, Basics of Soils
  • Composition and Structure of the atmosphere
  • Insolation, Earth’s Heat Balance, Different Atmospheric
  • Circulation, Global Winds, Cyclone
  • Precipitation and Related Phenomenon
  • Ocean Basics and Ocean Resources
  • Coral Reefs and the Indian Ocean

Indian Geography by Vision IAS PART-2

  • India Climate – Monsoon
  • Different World Climate
  • Miscellaneous Topics like El Nino, La Nina, ENSO,
  • Urban Climate, Applied Climatology, Heat Island
  • Different Types of Irrigation and Irrigation System
  • Indian Agriculture
  • Distribution of Key Natural Resources across the world
  • Mineral Resources and Manufacturing Industries
  • Transport and Communication, and Internal Trade
  • Location of Industries
  • Human Development Report
  • Economic Geography – Agricultural Marketing,
  • Agri Transportation, e – Agriculture to aid farmers

Vision IAS Geography Notes PDF Download

Book Name: Indian Geography and World Geography PDF
Total Questions: 6000+ Geography Questions
Size: 30 MB
Total Number of Pages: 300+ Quality Pages
Format: PDF file
Quality Excellent
Language: Hindi & English

Vision IAS World Geography Printed Notes PDF


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